These colourful spikey balls have become popular tools for home use – and with muscle tension being something most of us can admit to experiencing it is no wonder!

But how do they work and what are their benefits to you?

They work by stimulating the myofascia, the connective tissue that runs throughout your entire body.

If you use this tool regularly you can experience the following benefits:

Increased Blood Flow: Sustained pressure on a trigger point or tight muscle can increase blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue, helping you to recover quicker from workouts and heal faster from injuries.

Improved Mobility: Studies have shown that rolling out your muscles can help increase their mobility. Direct pressure through the use of either a trigger point ball or foam roller can compliment a structured mobility and strength program to increase your range of movement. This can be particularly useful if you have been performing intense exercise, or maintaining prolonged postures throughout the day.

Reduced Muscle Soreness: An increase in blood circulation means that muscles are able to receive the maximum amount of nutrients allowing for optimal recovery.

Proper use of massage balls can allow you to speed up recovery, increase performance and reduce pain, allowing you to live a more active life.

We stock these amazing little tools in a variety of colours at the practice for $15 so why not pop in and grab one?!

Don’t forget to talk to your physio for advice specific to your needs and how you can use the ball the most effectively.