Exercise is one of the single best things you can do for your health, regardless of age or ability!

This is especially true if you have suffered from an injury to a bone, muscle or joint. Following injury, the body tends to be reasonably good at healing the damaged tissue, but very poor at regaining strength and movement unless it is actively encouraged to do so. This is where a structured, graded exercise program, individually tailored to you and prescribed by one of our highly qualified physiotherapists is essential to regain optimal function.

Exercise is also an essential component of management for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, lung disease and multiple other chronic conditions. Regular exercise decreases the risk of developing a huge amount of chronic disease in the first place.

We realise that exercise can be intimidating, or even scary if you are a beginner, but the benefits really are too important to ignore. Chat to one of our physiotherapists about whether a structured exercise program would benefit you.