Continence issues are a large problem in the general population and are not limited to any age or gender.

Male, female, young or not-so-young, many of us at some stage may need to see a highly trained continence physiotherapist.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer a comprehensive Continence and Women’s Health service to the people of the South West. Lynne Lee has post graduate training and extensive experience in continence physiotherapy with a special interest in the following areas:

  • Continence issues for women, men and children
  • Pelvic pain
    • Pregnancy pain
    • Sexual pain
    • Coccyx pain
  • Mastitis and cracked nipples associated with breastfeeding
  • Pelvic floor safe exercise for the pre and post-natal periods
  • Pelvic floor re-training using real-time ultrasound (men, women and children)