At Koombana Physiotherapy, we provide a comprehensive hand and upper limb service ranging from expert clinical examination and diagnosis of wrist and hand pain, through to comprehensive rehabilitation programs for the entire upper limb.

Sean Cowan has more than a decade of experience working with people with all kinds of hand and upper limb injuries, with a particular interest in thermoplastic splinting. Thermoplastic splinting is an excellent way to immobilise an acute fracture or soft tissue injury, or can be used as support following orthopaedic surgery. They are lightweight, waterproof and completely custom made, making them an ideal alternative to heavy plaster casts in the summer when water activities may be a priority. As an added bonus, they come in a large range of attractive colours!

One of our physiotherapists would be more than happy to chat if you would like to enquire about any of our hand and upper limb services.