Almost 1 in 5 breastfeeding women experience mastitis or blocked ducts. Most commonly this occurs in the first 3 months but it can occur at anytime.
A blocked duct is an obstruction of milk flow in a portion of the breast, either at the nipple or further back in the ductal system.
Mastitis is an inflammatory condition, affecting the breast tissue surrounding the milk duct, usually presenting as redness and pain in the breast. Symptoms generally occur and progress quickly, often within a 24 – 48 hour period. Fever and Flu-like symptoms are hallmark features of mastitis.
How can physio help?
⭐️Ultrasound is an effective tool for resolving symptoms quickly – usually taking between 2-3 sessions depending on the severity.
⭐️ Advice and education including massage techniques, breast care, feeding positions, use of thermal therapy (heat/ice), and management to avoid reoccurrence.
Early intervention and working in conjunction with your GP is recommended to ensure the best outcome. So do not hesitate to contact your GP and/or Physio for support.